Have you ever dreamed of eloping in Hawaii with breathtaking scenery, and the ocean as your witness? To summarize, we’re going to talk about how to Elope in Hawaii on the Big Island so that we can turn that dream into a reality! With its radddd beaches, lush and jungly rainforests vibes, and volcanic rock and wonders, the Big Island sets the perfect backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable elopement. To make sure your elopement is an intimate experience, let’s look at some locations along with local elopement vendors for hair and makeup, officiants, floral arrangements, and catering.

First, let’s talk permits!

First off, I really emphasize the importance of learning Hawai’i’s rich history and culture before coming to the island to have greater respect and understanding of the Hawaiian Natives and their land. There are certain places that are Kapu (keep out) because of burial sites, etc. Because of this, usually your venders (wedding officiants, photographers, videographers,) have to apply for permits in order to make sure we are complying with the state and county laws. You can look here at this list for a reference of beaches to elope: https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/ld/files/2013/07/Beach-Locations-1601.pdf.

Here are my top 3 favorite Kona beaches to Elope in Hawaii on!

With that said, let’s start North!

Residing in North Kohala, lets look at Anaehoomalu Bay Beach in Waikoloa (aka A- Bays beach). This is the perfect spot if you want sand, lava rock, and greenery with ocean! Lava Lava Beach House sits on this beach and offers an amazing and romantic atmosphere to enjoy dinner to after your ceremony! Here’s a family session I did at that beach!

Family walking under palm trees in Hawaii
Family standing on lava rocks in front of ocean in Hawaii

Now down to one of my favorite Kona beaches, Kukio Beach! A lot of couples opt to have their ceremony here because of the beautiful white sand, great landscaping, and beautiful sunset views! Kukio beach is located in the Four Seasons of Hualalai and gives a great variety of elements to work with! I personally think if your wanting real simple planning yet says elegance and Hawaii, Kukio is the beach for your elopement in HawaiI! To illustrate, here’s another elopement I did here at Kukio Beach!

A couple kissing right after saying their vows on the beach in hawaii

Going more south, one of my favorite beaches to shoot at is Keei Beach in Honaunau-Napoopoo, Hawaii. It literally feels like an untouched beach thats pretty isolated with beautiful green scenery all around between the mountains and palm trees. It has a white sandy beach with beautiful water. If your wanting a more secluded ceremony for your elopement- this is the way to go! Here’s some photos from a session I did there once!

A couple kissing on the beach in hawaii
A Mom and her kids smiling at the camera in hawaii on the beach

That concludes my favorite beaches in Kona to elope on! These by far have always created such an incredible atmosphere for everyone’s ceremony regardless of the time of year!

Let’s talk vendors!

Finding the right wedding officiant is essential to make your elopement ceremony truly personal and meaningful. Look for an officiant who resonates with your beliefs and values, and who can craft a ceremony that reflects YOU and your love story. Many officiants in Hawaii are experienced in performing elopement ceremonies and are familiar with the necessary legal requirements too! They can help you navigate through the process, so you can focus on cherishing every moment of your special day. Here are two local officiants I recommend using!



It’s time to talk all things flowers! You cannot forget about those amazing tropical flowers for your ceremony! Incorporating local flowers into your elopement adds such an authentic touch to detail. Finding a florists on the Big Island who is knowledgeable about native blooms and can create breathtaking arrangements that align with your vision matters! Here are my top favorite local florists in Kona!



Catering: A rad destination elopement wouldn’t be complete (in my opinion) without Hawaii’s local food for an intimate celebration afterwards. This particular caterer is one of the most unique vendors I have worked with. 808 Picnics bring you a picnic (hint the name) and lays everything out for you..they even bring a speaker for music while you and your spouse enjoy a romantic picnic following the ceremony.


With all of this information, you can’t go wrong eloping in Hawaii! There are so many beautiful and intimate spots to exchange vows and celebrate one another. Lastly, if you want to learn how to choose a photographer while on a budget, read my blog here!

How To Elope In Hawaii

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